Uniform Policy

The school uniform at Sir Arthur Carty Catholic Elementary School shall consist of the following:
1. A navy or white short-sleeved or long-sleeved collared golf shirt;
2. A white long or short-sleeved blouse or long-sleeved turtle-neck shirt;
3. A navy hoodie, fleece, sweater, or vest - either plain or crested with approved school logo only.
4. Navy or khaki pants. Capri pants for girls, cargo pants for both girls and boys, walking shorts, or of a style and length similar to those provided by the supplier;
5. Additionally, optional navy items (skorts, kilt, tunics, etc.) as may be made available by the supplier and accepted by the School Uniform Committee, will be deemed to comply with the school uniform policy;
6. Navy sweat pants and a navy or white t-shirt will be deemed to comply with the school uniform policy as it applies to students in Year One or Year Two Kindergarten.
 All items may be purchased from the supplier or must be of the style and colour similar to those provided by the supplier.
 Modifications to the components of the school uniform will be deemed to comply with the school uniform policy where necessary to accommodate the needs of students with special needs.
 The school will endeavour to support families who may require financial assistance in obtaining school uniform items. Please contact the school principal.
Some Important Considerations:
 Articles of clothing with inappropriate logos, sayings, and pictures are not acceptable at school.
 Overly revealing clothing (e.g. halter tops, string straps, cut-off shorts, etc.) is not to be worn at school. No bare midriffs or see-through shirts are to be worn at school. Undergarments should not be visible.
 Shorts and skirts must extend to the end of the finger tips, or mid-thigh, when the student is standing.
 Students are expected to have safe and appropriate footwear at school at all times.
Students who dress inappropriately will be advised and may be asked to change their clothing. If necessary, a parent will be called to arrange a change of clothing.
Reference: London District Catholic School Board “Appropriate Dress Code/Uniform” J-3-2 and “Elementary School Appropriate Dress Code” J-3-4.